Dear Sir or Madam,

F.U. Ekopromor offers services including geotechnical construction, technical research and analysis, construction and installation works, as well as organizing and conducting underwater works on in the inland, marine and harbour basins. We are committed to providing high-quality services complying with the applicable legal acts, rules and standards, both domestic and European. We have at our disposal high-quality, certified diving equipment and qualified divers with many years of experience. We approach each project individually and with due diligence to meet the needs of our Clients in Poland and other European countries in the best possible way.

We specialise mostly in:

  • sampling surface and core sediments along with performing grain size analysis;
  • exploration and mining activities;
  • seabed inventories;
  • assembling, disassembling and repairing hydro-technical facilities as well as recovering structural elements;
  • conducting inspections and periodic checks of hydro-technical appliances and facilities;
  • assessing the technical condition of hydro-technical constructions and vessels’ hulls;
  • measuring the thickness of underwater steel elements;
  • underwater works consisting of concreting, wriggling, welding and cutting;
  • injecting expansions joints;
  • reinforcing shores, underwater slope and seabed for hydro-technical constructions;
  • laying power cables and pipelines;
  • cleaning and desilting of hydro-technical constructions’ elements;
  • anticorrosive protection of steel constructions;
  • demining works;
  • creating photographic and video documentation in a digital form.

Should you be interested in the scope of our activity or should you have additional questions, please contact us.